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  • How to have consistent access to the ease of being and peace of mind in the midst of modern work and family life.

  • The real reason why trying to ‘accept’, ‘be with’, avoid or replace negative thoughts and feelings will never offer lasting happiness.

  • How you can find fulfillment in every moment of life and be of great benefit to all.

  • How to harmonize and empower relationships at work and at home and the simple practice that makes it happen right from the start.

  • The easy way to enjoy a peaceful everyday life – so you don't experience fleeting effects and feel stuck again when you get back to your family or work.

  • And how you can do all of this with a simple practice accessible in all moments of life.

Results in Our Participants Lives

"I have never felt better in my life. I have developed an uncanny mental and emotional stability in my life, that no matter what happens, be it ups or downs, I always quickly come back to center, without any effort. I feel in harmony and alignment with myself and with the reality of what is going on inside of and around me. I am no longer fighting to race away from those icky feelings that arise within me, nor those unpleasant situations I am encountering around me."

Eric Kim
Entrepreneur (San Francisco, USA)

"I am far more productive, able to find solutions, a better communicator, and able to support myself and my teams in an atmosphere of gratitude and relaxation. This means more meaningful relationships, better results and being able to balance lots of complex projects in a stress-free way."

Sonia Omar
Fundraiser and Communications Manager (Marrakech, Morocco)

"Ever since I was a kid, I had a passion for saving our planet and its many species from extinction. It felt like a daunting mission, but this teaching and practice have effortlessly empowered my unique gifts, strengths and talents. I found the courage to start and run my own business and take a leadership role as city architect in a municipality at a very young age. I feel more stable amidst intense workloads. In complete relaxation no challenge is too big to solve, and there is an openness to new innovative solutions previously unimaginable."

Jonathan Naraine
City Architect (Skara, Sweden)

"I am clear and relaxed, able to find solutions in each moment, knowing how to prioritize and focus, and taking my tasks one moment at a time. Not only has this made me more able to complete complex tasks under pressure, but it has freed up so much of my time to enjoy each moment when there is intensity or busy-ness. And best of all, it is so easeful, simple and fun!"

Samantha Loff
Solicitor (Melbourne, Australia)


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