The One Simple Change to Have Deep Lasting Peace and Complete Freedom from Suffering

(even if you feel overwhelmed by challenges in your health, relationships or career)


You're Going to Discover...

  • How to get consistent access to peace of mind and freedom from suffering so you can enjoy your true restful nature, in the midst of modern work and family life!

  • The real reason why trying to ‘accept’, ‘be with’, avoid or replace negative thoughts and feelings will never offer lasting happiness.

  • How you can reach the deepest fulfillment in every moment of life and be of great benefit to all.

  • How to gain spontaneous clarity and wisdom at work and at home and the secret practice that makes it happen overnight.

  • The simple way to use this secret to enjoy a peaceful everyday life – so you don't experience fleeting effects and feel stuck again when you get back to your family or work!

  • And how you can do all of this without meditating for hours every day, following your breath, trying to accept difficulties, getting rid of the ego or working on the pain body.

Presented by Jochen Raysz

Jochen Raysz has a Masters in Psychology and Management. For the last 20+ years, he has been supporting people across the globe to end their suffering, find their deepest purpose and bring their passions and gifts into all aspects and relationships of everyday life.

Results in Our Participants Lives

"I meditated several hours a day for more than 20 years seeking a consistent peace of mind, but it continued to elude me. When starting to participate in Balanced View the ease and stability I had been seeking became more and more lasting and now every day has a joy and relaxation that spills over into everything I do. I can’t believe how simple it is after having worked so hard at it. I’m forever grateful."

Bill DeKramer
Retired Health Educator (Kelowna, Canada)

"I am far more productive, able to find solutions, a better communicator, and able to support myself and my teams in an atmosphere of gratitude and relaxation. This means more meaningful relationships, better results and being able to balance lots of complex projects in a stress-free way."

Sonia Omar
Fundraiser and Communications Manager (Marrakech, Morocco)

"I feel truly changed in my life as an entrepreneur, as a leader, as a human being. I am empowered and confident in every moment to express my gifts and passions. I keep finding new solutions in challenging circumstance. Even in difficult situations, I find clarity and ease instead of stress, struggle and overwhelm. We finally created an environment where people thrive and know that they have so much to contribute. That has been our dream for so long! Thank you for making this possible."

Eraldo Genovese
Co-Owner & CEO Gesicar (Livorno, Italy)

"I am clear and relaxed, able to find solutions in each moment, knowing how to prioritize and focus, and taking my tasks one moment at a time. Not only has this made me more able to complete complex tasks under pressure, but it has freed up so much of my time to enjoy each moment when there is intensity or busy-ness. And best of all, it is so easeful, simple and fun!"

Samantha Loff
Lawyer (Melbourne, Australia)


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